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  Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang Travel Guide  
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Sanjiang Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

- An artistic precious thing of Chinese wood architecture


Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge also called Yongji Bridge located 20km north of Sanjiang County, 4-5 hours drive from Guilin, is the most beautiful and best preserved Wind and Rain Bridge of the Dong People. The bridge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1996. It is also considered by the Dong people to be the finest of the 108 such structures in Sanjiang Country as well as a symbol of Dong Minority.

Chengyang Wind and Rain BridgeChengyang Wind and Rain Bridge was built with wood and stone across the Linxi River in 1916, and it is nearly 100 year old but, till now, it is still very strong and in used. The bridge is 64.4 meters (211.29 feet) long, 3.4 meters (11.15 feet) wide and 10.6meters (34.78 feet) high. On the bridge itself, there are five tower-like kiosks with "horns" and eaves which resemble the flapping wings of birds. On the bridge, there is a long corridor as rain shelter with long benches on both sides. Passengers can take a rest and shelter from rain. The whole bridge is in the shape of a crescent moon and is like a golden phoenix spreading the wing before flying. The pavilion in the middle is hexagon and has a pyramidal roof. The pavilions on the two ends are like magnificent palaces with pyramidal roof with gourd-shaped top. The westernmost one has gable and hip roof. There are many Dong styled patterns on the corridors and eaves. The most amazing thing is its construction is that no nails or rivets were used in the building of the whole bridge. Instead, talented Dong people dove-tailed many pieces of wood. The construction of this bridge emphasizes the high architectural and construction abilities of the Dong people.

Walking through the bridge, you can sit on the bench and appreciate the picturesque scenery. Looking far ahead, you will be intoxicated with what you see: the Linxi River meandering from the horizon; local farmers working in the fields; the turning waterwheels; green tea trees growing on the hills and wooden houses far and near in the villages. If you like you can spend time here enjoying the perfect pastoral life and to experience the customs of the Dong people. Staying in the wooden structure local hostels near the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge; join a family to share oiled tea or rice wine; tasting the local sour tasted fish. It will be an unforgettable experience for a life time.


Ask your travel consultant to include Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge to your itinerary


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