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Flying Tiger's Guilin Yangtang Airport

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, KWL

In the past, there were three airports in Guilin:

Flying TigersYangtang Airport is located in Qiliping where is 2 Kilometers away from Lingui County. The airport lies between the Sitang Village and Miaoling Village. There are Jiguan Mountain, Dahuang Mountain and Pingding Mountain around it.

It had a long unforgettable history since it was established in 1933. And then it was rebuilt for several times. The development of the airport owned to Chinese ordinary people's hard work and the support of U.S Government.

Yang Tang Airport once played a very important role in the Sino-US cooperation to fight against Japanese imperialism. The airport and the war remind us to mention American Air Force: Flying Tigers.

In 1 August, 1941, Lake Infants Chennault formed the American Volunteer Air Force named Flying Tigers. Based on the airports in Liuzhou, Hengyang, Guilin and Nanning, the Flying Tigers had the task of making sure the security in south of China, as well as fighting against Japanese transportation army in the sea.

Several fighter planes were sent to Guilin Yang Tang Airport. They greatly contributed to fight against Japanese Army.

With the time flied, the airport has changed a lot. It is not used as an airport at all, but has become a historic site. In recent years, the former members of Flying Tigers have returned to this site for seven times. They came back here for recalling the past days in the war. They even had a plan to invest to build a Flying Tigers Park by 600,000 U.S. dollars.

In 2004, Lingui Government started to develop airport into a high-technology industrials area, which will be about 12 square kilometers. At present, it is under construction.

Lingui Government started to develop airport into a high-technology industrials area

In 2007, the government set a monument in the airport site. It is the witness that Chinese and United States got together to fight against Japanese imperialism. In the war, there were more than 1,000 American Young soldiers lost their lives. They made great contributions for the victory of the war for anti-fascist.

The historical relics park of the flying tigers of guilin

The Yang Tang Airport will let us remember such history that was completed by China and the United State.

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