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Guilin Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill)

- A park is rather small, but very nice and offers wonderful view of Guilin

Fubo Hill GuilinSituated on the western bank of Li River in the northern part of the city of Guilin, just 2km from Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin Fubo Hill Park is actually an integrative garden park in the center of the city with the handsome Fubo Hill, unique mountain caves and elegant garden rock formation.

Rising from the ground, Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill) slopes into the Li River in the east and looms in the west over the ground. Waves run back wherever they meet the blocks thus it gets the name of Wave-Subduing Hill. It is also called Fubo Hill because of a tale tell us that a General called Fubo, of the Han Dynasty had once passed by Guilin on a southern expedition. He poured all the pearls he carried into the river, so that the hill was named after him in his memory.

Fubo Hill Park

The park is rather small, but very nice and offers wonderful view of Guilin and the Li River. The hill, like most of Guilin's hills is filled with caves. The park area surrounding the hill is nicely landscaped. It features meandering paths that are well maintained and pass under sprawling banyan trees and topiaries.

There is an ancient Qing Dynasty Bell in the Park. It is really big and covered with inscriptions.

By the Li River, in the park, there is One-Thousand-Person Pot which is over 300 years old and it was used to cook for one thousand people. This huge iron article was originally in a temple but later moved here to protect it from being destroyed during the war.

Ancient Temple Bell   One-Thousand-Person Pot
Ancient Temple Bell   One-Thousand-Person Pot
Guilin Fubo Hill   Fubo Hill : The hill itself has stairs that lead to the top.Visitors can climb the hill to enjoy the view. Halfway up the hill is a small pavilion which looks over the surrounding neighborhoods. On the top of the hill, there is another pavilion which was first built in Tang Dynasty. On the top, you can see a spectacular view of Guilin City, the Li River and the mountains scattered around Guilin City. You may also see the passing raft down the river and wonderful photos can be got.
Sword Testing Stone: At bottom of the hill, visitors can go down into the cave. The cave was wonderfully cool in the summer and had a nice breeze blowing through it. There is a stalactite stone column close to the Li River, thick at the top and slim at the bottom that come down and almost touches the ground with barely an inch of space in between. It is said that General Fubo tested the power of his sword by chopping through the stone here and left the space here; hence its name Sword Testing Stone. The surrounding area is covered with ancient engravings and more Buddhist carving. From this area, the Li River is much nearer and you can see the fishermen on their bamboo rafts much better.   Fubo Hill Sword Testing Stone
Buddhist Carvings   Buddhist Carvings: Stone steps wind their way from Sword Testing Stone to the One-Thousand-Buddhist Cave. The cave opens outside and overlooks the Li River. The cave is filled with hundreds of Buddhist statues from the Tang Dynasty. The cave and its carving are important indications of peopl’s devotion to Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty. The most valuable relics inside the cave is the self-portraits of Mifu carved on the rock wall. The lifelike portrait is .2 meters tall.

Fubo Hill Park is a small park and only takes about two hours to see, but it is a very nice little park.


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