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Shopping In China

China has vast territory with wonderful variety of raw materials, with rich cultural heritage because of its long history civilization, so you can found abundant traditional arts and crafts. Shopping is also an important part of travelling for tourists. Besides all the sightseeing and other activities, you may feel like doing some shopping. The following tips may give you some guides for shopping in China and make it easier for you

Shopping Suggestions:

Better to buy goods in the formal department stores and factories because the quality is assurance and avoid the things like receiving counterfeit money back.

Don't feel obligated to shop. Our guides may offer you shopping opportunities in order to fulfill your needs to buy some souvenirs and gifts, thatís also an opportunities to know about Chinese traditional arts and crafts, they may think thatís what you want, but sometimes, if you really donít want to go, you are not interest in , please do not feel embarrassed to tell our guides directly. And also in the shops, do not feel obligate to buy anything because the shop attendants are very kind to you.

Most travelers want to take home some bargains or mementos. You may ask your tour guides and shop attendants whether you can get some discounts before you pay for the goods.

Be cautious of fake items, Buy from people who know their wares, but don't rely on their judgement, rely on yours! Care is needed. If you're an antique enthusiast, China is the place for you! Fascinating antique and curio shops and market stalls are to be found in most cities and country towns. When you buy antiques, make sure they do not date before 1795 AD, as antiques that date before 1795 AD are forbidden for sale or export. Please keep the receipts well indicating the name and age of the antiques, since you may have to show them when departing China.

What to buy:

We suggest you don't buy everything in the first day or first arrival city. Each place has its own specialty. The following are the brief shopping introduction in the main tourist city, you may find your favorite from it:

Beijing: Cloisonne enamel, Traditional Chinese medicine

Xi'an: Replicas of the Terra Cotta soldiers; Antique Furniture

Shanghai: Silk carpets

Hangzhou: Longjing Tea; Silk

Suzhou: Silk, Su Xiu Embroidery

Guilin: Chinese Scroll paintings; China Southern Sea Pearls, Chinese fans

Yunnan: Pure tea; Dali Batik (tie-dyed fabric)

Xinjiang: Carpets; jade articles

Tibet: Thang-ka(tanka)

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