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  Xian Food, Xian local food and snacks, What to eat and Where to eat in Xian  
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Xi'an Food

-- What to eat and Where to eat in Xian

Xian is not only rich in historical sites but also has lots of delicious food of Shaanxi snacks. Xian Dumplings Banquet and other Xian foods will keep your stomach satisfied and add more special interest and funny to your tourist in Xi'an.

The representative food and snacks includes as follows:

Xian Dumpling Banquet

Xian Dumpling BanquetXian Dumpling Banquet was originally from the dumplings of Tang Dynasty and traditional dumplings in folk community. This banquet is made with elaborated selected ingredients and unique techniques and made impressive into characterized shapes.

The ingredients for the dumpling filling include various meats, fresh vegetables, and daintiness seasonings. The way of cooking I enlarged to be seaming, boiling, pan-frying, deep- frying and roasting. Many flavors, including salty, sweet, hot and sour are offered. In the angle of style and design, more and more folktales and fairytales are widely used for uniqueness and attractiveness.

De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant in Xian is the ultimate dumpling restaurant, which is just next to Drum Tower in the park at center of Xian city.  In the restaurant, while guests sample various delicacies, traditionally waiters will explain the cuisine culture of each dumpling.

Roujiamo (Chinese-style Hamburger)

RoujiamoRoujiamo is the most widely consumed snack in Xian. It is generally called Chinese-style hamburger. It is finely chopped pork stuffed in toasted wheat flour flat bread. A piece of good-quality bread (youzhi) and a bowl of mung bean flour soup will cost you not more than 10 Yuan.
was originated from Warring states. At that time people called it Cold Meat. The most famous producer of Roujiamo is Fan Fengxiang and his son. Their shop was founded in 1925 with more than 80 years.

Fanji is the famous state-run restaurant famous for Roujiamo. It is in a lane opposite the Drum Tower south of the West Main Street. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quaint and friendly, and the numerous awards that decorate the walls are well deserved.

Qinzhen Liang Pi

Liang PiOne of famous Shanxi snacks is Qinzhen Liang Pi which has over 200-year history. It is made of the rice flour. The rice flour is generally made to be the paste and then laid on multilayer bamboo steamers. It is thin, slender, and soft with typical local relish. It is so called Qinzhen Liang Pi, as it is from Qin town of Hu County. It can be easily bought in Xian Muslim Food Street.

Yang Rou Pao Mo (soaked bread with mutton)

soaked bread with muttonVisitors to Xian must do two things: one is to see the clay figures of Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The other is to taste Yang Rou Pao Mo. It is mutton soup with flat bread pieces in it. The bread used is hard flat bread. You are given the whole bread at the table, and you have to break it up yourself into small pieces and put the broken bread into a bowl then pass your bowl to the chef who will stir it into a pot of hot mutton soup. After some five to ten minutes he will ladle the soup and bread back into your bowl with a quantity of mutton.

At the table, you garnish it with chopped fresh coriander, sweet pickled salted garlic cloves and a chile sauce, which are presented in separate bowls. Caraway seed may also be served.

Yang Rou Pao Mo might not sound as though it could become a favorite with you but if you are seeking to experience something of the local food of the people of western China, this is well worth a try. If you want to taste it at its best, remember to come to Xi'an.

The most famous restaurant to taste Yang Rou Pao Mo is Tong Sheng Xiang (Prosperity and Fortune) Beef and Lamb Paomo. It done in Tang Dynasty style, is a time-honored establishment in the Xian Bell and Drum Tower Square. The restaurant - Lao Sun Jia in Muslim Food Street is also famous.

Guan Tang Bao Zi

Guan Tang Bao ZiOne of Xian's most famous specialties is the Guan Tang Baozi, the steamed buns with sauces of beef, lamb or three flavors as lamb, mushroom and prawns inside, served at Jia Brothers' Restaurant in Muslim Food Street. The most delicious part is the piping-hot soup inside, also should be the part pay attention to carefully. This dish is best washed down with Ba Bao Xi Fan, a bowl of sweet rice porridge filled with peanuts, sultanas, hawthorn, and medlar berries.

If you would like to taste all the local food at one time in a budget meal, Xian Restaurant (Xian Fan Zhuang) offers more than 100 varieties in its first-floor self-service restaurant. It charges only CNY18 per person, and is very popular with visitors.

Mention about the food in Xian, Muslim Food Street will not be missed. Xi'an Muslim Food Street is 500 meters long and 10 meters wide. The street has been the gathering place of exquisite Muslim food for centuries, with a wide diversity of tastes and strong ethnic delicacies. After years of rebuilding, the buildings here give prominence to the Islam style. Walking through the street, one can find an assortment of incredibly delicious street food and every food and snacks we mentioned about can be found in the street and the street has over 1000 year's history.


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