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  Xian Shopping, Where to shop and what to buy in Xian  
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Shopping in Xian

-- Where to shop and what to buy

Xian is a great place to do some fantastic Chinese souvenir shopping, especially for cultural items because Xian is one of most famous historic ancient cities in China. Xian is rich in cultural relics, antiques and artworks. Some excellent offerings specific to Xian include: Chinese calligraphy rubbings, Tang pottery replicas, Terracotta Warrior replicas, Folk paintings, Folk paper cuttings and Green porcelain.

Shopping Items

  • Terracotta Warriors

Shopping in Xi'anDo you dream of taking a Terracotta Warrior home with you! Your dream will come true in Xian. Many different types of replicas are available as souvenirs, from a few inches tall to life-size! Prices range as well, from one US dollar to several thousand dollars for the largest statues.

The price of the life-sized statues usually includes shipping to the US or Europe. But buyer bewares! The life-sized statues cost a fraction of the price to make, usually less than 400 US dollars.

If you take an organized tour to the Terracotta Army site, your tour will probably stop by one of Xian's "Terracotta Warrior" factories. You can purchase one there or try the Xi'an Friendship Store. Or you can buy it in the Muslim area, near the Bell Tower, there is a huge outdoor market, you also can buy some there.

  • Calligraphy Rubbings

Calligraphy RubbingsXian is a storeroom of ancient Chinese culture and calligraphy. In Xian Forest of Steles, there are more than 300 steles collected from ancient dynasties and some of them have history more than one thousand years.  Books of rubbings from some of the most famous Chinese calligraphers can be purchased there. If you are interested in Chinese calligraphy and history, then this is an excellent opportunity to enrich your collection of calligraphic rubbings.

  • Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is an extremely popular folk art in the villages in Shaanxi Province. On days of celebration of holidays, wedding, villagers will decorate the doors, walls and windows of their homes with colorful paper cuttings. The designs of the paper cutting are eclectic and rich in color, symbolized themes such as good luck, happiness, legends and myths.

xian paper cuttingThese folk paper cuttings are usually inexpensive, but you should still bargain. Paper cuttings can be purchased throughout Xian, but you can definitely pick some up at major tourist attractions. It is very distinctive souvenir to take home for friends and it's light and easy to carry.

  • Folk Paintings

Folk PaintingsOne fantastic and very special type of souvenir from Xian is a local folk painting. The local folk painters have used the line drawing techniques of traditional Chinese brush painting and draw inspiration from cultural and historical figures, animals, flowers and birds. These eye-catching and colorful paintings overflow with the atmosphere of Chinese country life and are widely enjoyed by travelers to Xian.

Paintings can be purchased at most tourist attractions from street vendors, souvenir shops and the small shops around the areas of museums and relics.

  • Green Porcelain

Green PorcelainOriginally in the Song Synasty, Qing Ciqi-Green Porcelain is a method of porcelain making that is widely used in teapots, often portraying animals and floral themes as a decorative feature and most common colors of the porcelain are blue and green. The elegant material is durable and is especially popular as a means to make crockery.

A good place to buy Green Porcelain is in the gift shop at the Forest of Steles.

  • Tang Pottery Replicas

Tang Pottery ReplicasXi'an's proud tradition as the capital of the Tang Dynasty is kept alive today by modern day replicas of Tang Dynasty pottery. Tang Dynasty pottery, with its distinctive blue, green, and yellow color glazes is still hand-made as it was during the Tang. Common themes include figurines and ceramic camels and horses.

Because of this revival in the art of Tang style pottery, buyers should be wary of any shop owners or hawkers that claim their pottery to be "old". Just a reminder! The Tang Dynasty was from about 600 to 900 AD. That would make any genuine Tang Dynasty pieces out of the reach of any ordinary modern day shop.

To purchase some Tang pottery replicas, try the Xi'an Friendship Store or Xi'an Cultural Relics Store.


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