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  Cormorant Fishing, Yangshuo Activites  
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Cormorant Fishing in Yangshuo

- A traditional form of fishing with cormorant birds is still practiced in Yangshuo


Cormorant Fishing in YangshuoCormorant fishing is a very interesting activity and since many years cormorant fishing is one of the must see events in Yangshuo. Historically cormorant fishing has taken place in China, Japan and in some other countries worldwide. In Europe cormorant fishing took place in the 16th to 17th centuries, mostly in England and France. Though the fishing method was similar to those used in Japan and China, the European method was developed independently and was closely related to falconry. This traditional form of fishing with cormorant birds is still practiced in Guilin and Yangshuo.

The birds themselves have a very distinctive appearance. Their long necks and large wingspans make them very impressive to behold. They excel at fishing and are used by the local fisherman in Yangshuo who take them out on their bamboo rafts. They can dive underwater and search for fish and then catch them in their beaks and return to the surface.

To control the birds, the fishermen tie string loosely their throat. Though this prevents the birds form swallowing larger fish, the birds are still able to swallow smaller fish. When they have their catch they will be lifted out to the raft and fish will be retrieved and put into a basket.

Watching this unique type of fishing is a popular activity in the evenings in Yangshuo and you can even follow this up by sampling.


Ask your travel consultant to include Cormorant fishing to your itinerary



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