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Private Bamboo Rafting down Yulong River in Yangshuo


Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

Yulong River is a beautiful river in the countryside of Yangshuo. It winds its way in a picturesque valley sided by stunning limestone hills. Sitting on a private bamboo rafting, you can lie down on the chair not only can smell the fragrance of rice, but also can enjoy the gentle water buffalo walking on the bank. On the way, you can also slide down some small dams on the raft as a soft adventure. It is really Great and exciting.

Yulong River

The Route of Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

The whole raft trip starts at Golden Dragon Bridge and finishes at Gongnong Bridge. There are many docks during the whole trip. So you can star from one point, but ends in Gongnong Bridge. The first dock is in Dragon Bridge, just very few people do rafting from there, most tourists do rafting from Hongqing dock, Chaoyang dock or Xinglongzai Dock, and it is around one and half hour rafting.

The whole raft trip is about 12 kilometers, and it take 5-6 hours in dry season with low level water, while 3-4 hours in rainy reason with high level water.

Yulong River Bamboo RaftingYangshuo Bamboo Rafting

The Transportation to the Dock

  • Hire a car/van from Yangshuo.
  • Riding a bicycle is also a good way, which will takes you about half an hour to get to the Chaoyang Dock.

riding a bicycle along Yulong River at Yangshuo


Ask your travel consultant to include Yulong River rafting to your itinerary


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3 Days Yangshuo Active trip   3 days Yangshuo Active Tour
Duration: 3 days Available: Summer
Visiting: Yangshuo, Yulong River
This is an active tour in Yangshuo. It includes bike riding in the countryside and along the Yulong Riverin Yangshuo, taking bamboo rafting down, enjoying the Liu Sanjie Light Show on the Li River and visiting the famous Fishing Village.

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Cycling Tour in Guilin and Yangshuo   5 Days Cycling Tour in Guilin and Yangshuo
Duration: 5 days Available: daily
Visiting: Guilin, Yangshuo
About 30km cycling in the countryside each day, stay overnight in farm houses, visit caves, bamboo rafting, cormorant fishing, rice paddies explorations...What a countryside holiday you could image...

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3 Days Li River hiking trip   Three-Day Li River Hiking Trip
Duration: 3 days Available: Summer
Visiting: Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo
The hiking route begins from Yangdi Village and ends in Xingping Ancient Town. This is the most beautiful section of the Li River...

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cycling, caving, and taking cooking class at Yangshuo   4 days Yangshuo Adventure Tour
Duration: 4 days Available: Daily
Visiting: Yangshuo
This tour is great if you have some time to burn and if you like being active. It includes cycling, caving, and taking cooking class in the countryside in Yangshuo.

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Travel to Yangshuo and Longsheng Pingan Terraced Rice Field   5 Days Package of Yangshuo and Longsheng
Duration: 5 days Available: Daily
Visiting: Yangshuo, Longsheng
The 5 days tour is an excellent mix of Yangshuo and Longsheng which focuses on starting in Longsheng with the spectacular terraced rice fields, and fantastic minorities then go to Yangshuo and explore the limestone karst mountains by boat, foot and bicycle.

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