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  Mt. Huangshan Weather Conditions
When is the best time to visit Yellow Mountain?
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Huangshan Travel Guide


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Huangshan Weather


Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) region belongs to humid sub-tropic monsoon climate with features distinctive four seasons, shorter spring and autumn (about 2 months individually), longer summer and winter (about 4 mouths individually). Huangshan City has enough heat and plentiful rainfall concentrated from March to July. It often floods in summer and drys in autumn.

The annual average temperature of the Huangshan city is 16.4°C. Average is 28.1°C in hottest July, 3.8°C in coldest January. The record high is 41.5°C, the record average high is 38.9°C. The record low is -15.2°C, the record average low is -9.9°C. City of Huangshan has more sunshine in summer, less in spring and autumn, least in winter. The sun shines on an average of 164 days a year.

The temperature changes vertically in Mt. Huangshan. The climate of the mountain varies on different elevations. It generally has 3 climate types from the base to top: sub-tropical mountain base, temperate mountainside and frigid mountaintop.

Guilin Weather InformationMt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) with its stunning sight is a nice tourist destination all year round as the real charm of Mt. Huangshan lies on its variations of the four seasons, and each of the seasons has its beauty respectively. In spring, it looks like a tender and comely maiden. The brilliantly blooming flowers and fresh, crisp air mean spring in the Yellow Mountain, no doubt a good time to visit. In summer, Mt. Huangshan could be regarded as an ideal summer resort the temperature there is cool and satisfactory than most of the other places in China. Most of all it; The best time to enjoy the Sea of Clouds-one of the famed four mountains of that mountain and other three are Oddly-shaped Pines, Grotesque Rocks and Hot Springs. Distinctively, dawn in this season is most splendid for the sunrise highlights the sky and everything there takes a brilliant and shiny glow. Weather is most comfortable and scenery is stunningly beautiful in autumn. Mt. Huangshan is one of the few best places to enjoy autumn foliage in China. While in winter, the mountain looks as a silver fairy world with the marvelous view of icy peaks.

As the temperature on Mt. Huangshan is about 10°C, lower than in the flat areas, and the weather is changeable on the mountain visitors should pay attention to the weather changes during the tour. Visitors are advised to bring a coat even in summer although some hotels have overcoat for rental. If you go to Mt. Huangshan in winter, bring warm clothes, preferably fleece or down. It is always wise to check the weather report the day before. For safety reasons during summer thunderstorms visitors are not allowed to hold umbrellas as the wind may catch them and cause falls down the mountain. Raincoats are preferable.


When is the Best Time to visit Huangshan?

Considering the weather and climate conditions, the best time to visit Mountain Huangshan is between April and October. During this time, the area is at its most green. The whole area appears quiet beautiful sights over and there.


Mountain Huangshan Weather Information

(Average Temperature and Rainfall Amount)
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperature High(°C) 7 9 13 20 25 29 32 33 27 22 16 10
Average Temperature Low (°C) -2 0 4 10 16 20 24 23 19 12 6 0
Rainfall Amount (mm) 75 107 180 238 295 425 308 290 175 105 83 57

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Huangshan Mountain Hiking Tour   5 Days Huangshan Hiking and Extended Tour
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5 Days Huangshan Hiking and Extended Tour   5 Days Huangshan Hiking and Extended Tour
Duration: 5 days Available: daily
Visiting: Yellow Mountain,  Grand Canyon, Xidi, Hongcun
Hiking on the Mt. Huangshan to experience the amazing beauty, travelling to ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi to learn the Chinese traditional culture.....

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Huangshan Mountain Tour   3 Days Huangshan and Surrounding Area
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This trip is not only showing you the magnificent scenery of Mt.Huangshan, but also showing you the rich traditional culture in Chengkan village....

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Huangshan Mountain Tour   4 Days Yellow Mountain & Hongcun Village
Duration: 4 days Available: daily
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