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China Hotels and Meals
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Frequently Asked Questions of China Hotels and Meals


The following questions are frequently asked by our customers. Please follow the categories below to get the answers. If the answers are not to your questions, please click "ask a question".

China Hotels and Meals

  • Is the tap water drinkable in the hotel?

Tap water is not drinkable even though some hotels may claim that their tap water is purified and safe.

Usually in the hotel rooms there will be an electrical water heater with which you can boil water. Bottled mineral water is recommended, especially for the first few days of your tour. The bottled water can be purchased in the stores and at street stalls for about US$0.25-0.75 per bottle everywhere. Sometimes a bottle or two is provided free in your room by the certain hotels.


  • Is baby cot available in the hotel?

Yes. Star-rated hotels usually provide cots for babies under 2 free of charge.


  • Is wheelchair available in the hotel?

Hotel will provide wheelchairs freely to their registered guests but the wheelchairs might not be sufficient; they are assigned on the first arrival priority.


  • Can staff in the hotel understand English?

For all the 5 star hotels and most 4 star hotels, the receptionists at the front desk can speak good English, and most of other staff (room service, waiter in the restaurant, etc) can speak some English, more or less. For the 3 star hotels, some hotels' staff can understand English can understand but some not especially the staff in the 3 star hotels in small cities. The hotel under 3 star, we do not recommend to you, as nobody there can understand English.


  • Do the hotel have swimming pool?

Not all hotels have swimming pools. If you need a hotel with a swimming pool, please just tell us about it, we will find this kind of hotel for you.


  • What time can I check in and check out of the hotel?

Usually, check in time is after 14:00 (2 p.m.) and check out is before 12:00, otherwise there might be extra charges.


  • What kind of meals will be included in the package tours?

In the package, all breakfasts included in 3 to 5 star hotels are buffet breakfast. In the off season, due to few guests, some hotels may only serve breakfast with set menu. Lunch and dinner are usually Chinese meals (set table), but western food is available on request, at an additional cost.


  • Will you provide vegetarian meal?

Yes, of course. We will arrange the meal in accordance with your requirements. Any requests on food, please feel free to tell us so that we can arrange in advance to meet your needs.


  • Do the guides and drivers have meals with us?

The guide and drivers will have meals at the same restaurant with you but without your invitation they will not join in you. Normally, the drivers do not like to have meals with you because the language barrier.


  • We have several meals on our own, can you give us some suggestions?

    1. Choose the restaurant with good environment.
    2. At the restaurants, ask the waiters/waitresses what the food they serve exactly is before your order, because sometimes the names of dishes are very beautiful but those foods you want not to eat at all.
    3. Our guides are all local experts; you may always ask them for some advice.




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