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Frequently Asked Questions of Yangtze Cruises


The following questions are frequently asked by our customers. Please follow the categories below to get the answers. If the answers are not to your questions, please click "ask a question".

Yangtze River Cruises

  • What can we see along the Yangtze River?

Along the river you will enjoy some unique sights including superlative natural scenery of the Three Gorges, important historical sites such as Shibaozhai, Fengdu Ghost City, etc. and the Three Gorges Dam. Different cruisers may choose to have different shore excursions. Generally speaking the excursions are to Fengdu Ghost City, Shibaozhai, Lesser Three Gorges, Shennong Stream and Three Gorges Dam. Three of them will be arranged for you and Three Gorges Dam is a must.


  • Shore excursion available will depend on the cruise you take. Please check the itinerary to ensure you choose the cruise that suits you best.
  • The shore excursion and the whole journey may be adjusted due to the weather or the water conditions


  • How should I dress on the ship and how many formal nights are there on my sailing?

There is no special request for the dress on the ship. But be sure to take clothes that are suitable for the shore excursion or enjoy scenery from the ship decks in different season. Clothes to protect you from hot sun in summer and strong wind in cold days are necessary.

Normally, there is a captain's welcome dinner on the first or second night, and a farewell dinner on the last onboard. You may dress comparatively formally. The ship suggests that appropriate dress is: men coat and tie, and ladies a dress and pantsuit. But I bet you can always see some people with informal even very casual clothes.


  • Shall I miss anything important during the night time?

No, you will not miss any important things. For the downstream cruise, the ship does not sail in the nighttime. Although cruise upstream will have some upstream will have some night sailing, the ship arranges highlight sail in daytime.


  • We are a family of 3, 2 adults and 1 child, can you arrange and extra bed for us on the cabin?

Seldom ships are able to offer an extra bed as the space in a cabin is limited. You could ask your travel consultant if the ship can provide or not before reservation. Otherwise we suggest that one of you share a cabin with other person in same gender also from English speaking country.


  • Can we get the cabin assignment on the cruise arranged before check-in?

The ships do not assign cabins in advance. You may request a specific cabin on check-in in a similar way to airline check in.


  • What's the cabin like on ships?

Most of 4-star & 5-star ships have 1 or 2 presidential suites, several deluxe suites; all of the cruisers will have quite a few staterooms, some of which have balconies. All the suites and cabins feature remote-controlled satellite color TV, central air conditioning, acoustics, in-cabin IDD, private bathroom with hair-dryer and extension phone.


  • What is the difference between upstream and downstream sailings?

The differences are:

  • Downstream takes less time.
  • For the downstream sailings, the ship will drop anchor at midnight, and starts sailing in the early morning, while it keeps sailing both at day and night for the upstream sailing. Thus when sleeping the noise is much less and you get better sleep. That's why - For many ships, the downstream cruise is more expensive than the upstream cruise.
  • Some downstream price is higher than upstream according to different cruise ship.
  • What is the weather like on Yangtze River? And what is the best season to cruise on the Yangtze River?

The Yangtze River is situated in the subtropics area with about 30 degree north latitude. It is topography featuring strong wind, humid and less sunshine. The average temperature reaches 30 C in July and 10 C in January. Spring and autumn are therefore the best seasons for making rains the river cruises. In summers, dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rains often happen heavy rainfalls cause the high water level between July and September. The winter is short but cold.


  • How long will it take for ships to pass through the five-level ship locks?

It usually takes about two and a half hours to pass through the five-level ship locks.


  •  What about tipping on the cruisers?

The ship will have a box at the front office and an envelope in the cabin. You can either give in the box or in the envelope. There is a suggestion of US$5 per person per day. However tipping is a matter of individual preference. You can tip at your discretion. Additional tips for any staff member who has provided some special service are at your discretion. Tips to shore excursion guides are also at passenger's discretion.


  • When should I make reservation on Yangtze River Cruise?

We suggest you make reservation as early as possible to secure your preferred ship. The Yangtze River Cruise is very popular, especially in peak seasons (spring and autumn). Early bird gets worms.


  • What include in your price of Yangtze River Cruise?

The price includes:
Accommodation on the ship, Meals, Shore excursions, Staff shows, Daily activities, Port charges.

The price excludes:
Personal Expenses, Gratuities, Sauna and Massage, Specialty Restaurants



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