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Guilin travel Guide

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Shopping in Guilin

Shopping is always an exciting part during your tour in Guilin. There are many special things visitors will be excited at which are different from you can find in the big cities in China and worthwhile to bring home as souvenirs.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls in China are the largest and most valuable cultured pearls produced today and have been very famous all around the world. Hepu in Guangxi province produces the finest South Sea Pearls. Guilin located quite near to Hepu, is an ideal place to buy South Sea Pearls with very good price if you are not visiting Hepu.

Paper Umbrellas

The paper umbrellas made in Guilin are very good souvenirs or gifts to take home. Guilin has a history of 400 years of making paper umbrellas and the umbrellas still made in the traditional way. They are elegant and beautiful designs with the Chinese painting landscape.

Landscape Ink Painting

The stunning landscapes in Guilin have attracted artists for hundreds of years and many famous Chinese ink painters have used Guilin’s unique scenery as inspiration for their masterpieces. In order to get close to the natural beauty, some of them chose to settle down in Guilin. This makes Guilin an exact place to buy fine ink paintings at with good prices.

Landscape Ink Painting

Landscape Ink Painting

Painted Fans

Painted fans are delightfully delicate, colorful and easy to carry. They are good gifts to take home. The fans are available in various sizes but all are made with either silk or paper with bamboo as the fan support. Contents painted in this fan usually include birds, flowers, insects and Guilin landscapes. They range in size from small to large and make very good wall decorations.

In ancient times, Chinese scholars who were good at writing articles or poems would like to hold a painted fan on their hands. It is a symbol of handsome and gentle and even the identification of social position. Nowadays, these painted fans become interesting goods rather than symbols of the social positions.

Fuli Town in Yangshuo is the famous for the making painted fans. The residents make painted fans to make living so Fuli is reputed to be "the hometown of paper fan in China".

Painted Fans

Painted Fans

Minority Handicrafts

Guilin is rich in minority cultures and with many ethnic groups living in the area. These ethnic people are still keeping their traditional life and produce costumes and handicrafts in their old way. The handicrafts of Zhang and Yao ethnic groups are most attractive and they are excellent decoration on wall. Real handmade minority handicrafts are expensive however they are truly valuable souvenirs to take home.

Minority Handicrafts

Minority Handicrafts

Where to Go Shopping in Guilin?

Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street, NiKo-NiKo-Do Plaza, Guilin Night Market and West Street in Yangshuo are perfect places to go shopping and you can found some unique items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street

Zhang Yang Pedestrian Street locates in downtown of Guilin city. The main entrance to Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street is opposite to the entrance of the ancient Jingjiang Princes' Palace. It is the most hip and popular shopping area lining up with fashion boutiques, bars. No vehicles are allowed to enter the streets. It provides a very pleasant shopping environment.

NiKo-NiKo-Do Plaza

Niko-Niko-Do Plaza is one of the best shopping malls, and the most popular one in Guilin. It is just located in the downtown of Guilin. There is a KFC outlet on the ground floor facing the main street. It has an under group food supermarket, where you can purchase local specialties, but no bargain here.

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday – Sunday

Guilin Night Market

Guilin Night Market is a vast area in the downtown of the city arranged for tourists and entertainment finder. Every day from 7:00 pm the market becomes to bustle till the midnight. Peddlers here mostly sell souvenirs and knick-knacks from all parts of China. Shopping in the night markets you can find many interesting things and some of them you might never see before. It is quite funning, but be sure to bargain.

West Street in Yangshuo

West Street, the worldwide famous “Global town ” is also a nice shopping area for unique cultural stuffs. You can easily find minority handcrafts, costumes, painted fans from small one to big fans which can be a decoration on the wall. There is the paradise of souvenirs. When purchase, remember to enjoy bargain.

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