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Guilin travel Guide

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Things to Do in Guilin

Guilin is a place with stunning amazing landscape and filled with wonderful things to do…

Top Things to Do in Guilin,Yangshuo & Longsheng

Li River Cruise

Li River Cruise

No visit to Guilin would be complete without the Li River cruise to Yangshuo

Cycling along Yangshuo Yulong River

Cycling through the countryside in Yangshuo

Cycling is the perfect way to explore and appreciate the beauty the countryside surrounding Yangshuo, as a bicycle gives you the possibility to go inside the Limestone Mountains and the small villages as many of the paths are unpaved and narrow. (See more about Yangshuo Cycling and photos)

Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River,Yangshuo

Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River

Bamboo rafting on Yulong River is a must if you want to experience the scenery at its best. Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, along the way you see local farmers using the river for daily activities as laundry, opening areas so the water can go into the rice fields and bating the buffaloes. (See more about Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River and photos)

Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Light Show

Enjoy the Liusanjie Light Show in Yangshuo

It was a huge outdoor performance like you have never see or experienced before but it is a must see and worth all the money you spend. (See more about Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Show and photos)

Bamboo Rafting down the Li River

Bamboo Rafting down the Li River

Floating on a bamboo raft down the river is an excellent and relaxing way to enjoy the stunning views of the beautiful Guilin Limestone Mountains and rivers.

Yangshuo Guided Hiking

Hiking in Yangshuo

Hiking is a very popular activity in Yangshuo. It gives you an opportunity to touch the local villagers' daily life and communicate with the nature freely. (See more about Guilin and Yangshuo Hiking tours)

Yangshuo Guided Hiking

Trekking in Longsheng Terraced Rice Field

The whole mountain range of Longji is covered with terraced rice fields, which are not only a farming miracle but also an extraordinary charming village during the four seasons.

Yangshuo Cooking Class

Taking Cooking Class in Yangshuo

Cormorant fishing is a very interesting activity and since many years cormorant fishing is one of the must see events in Yangshuo.(See more about Yangshuo Cooking Class and photos)

Caving in Yangshuo

Caving in Yangshuo

Caving is a very popular activity in Yangshuo. There are a number of caves riddling the limestone hills. They have attracted many caving enthusiasts to explore these years.  The stalactites and stalagmites formations are quite stunning and come in all shapes and sizes. The Silver Cave, Buddha Cave, Longmen Water Cave are famous ones.

Ancient towns exploring in Yangshuo

Ancient Towns exploring in Yangshuo

There are many tiny ancient towns around Yangshuo. Most of them have existed over hundreds of years. The buildings are similar in the traditional way but each town has its own functions. Daxu Ancient Town, Fuli Ancient Town, Xingping, and Liugong are typical ones.

Ancient towns exploring in Yangshuo

Photography in Guilin

For those seeking perfection in their photos, Guilin a fantastic pool to draw from. This unique Karst landscape, the colorful minorities live, the ancient fishing method-cormorant fishing on the Li River, the No.1 Terraced Rice Field on Longji Mountain… have attracted thousands of photographers to come.

More Things to Do

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