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  Tibet cultural and Festival Tours offer you an opportunity to be part of Tibetan life!  
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Tibet Culture & Festival Tours

Tibet cultural and Festival Tours offer you an opportunity to be part of Tibetan life. You will learn the process of how to make Tibetan joss stick, or Tibetan porcelain, or Tangka or learn how Tibetans turn the yak dung into a good fuel. You will enjoy the Tibetan passion, energy, brilliant performances, colorful costumes, sweet music, infective dancing, and a rat horse race during the festivals.
Note: Please book early, as the festivals tours are fixed time departure, otherwise you will wait to next year.

Experience of Titetan Life

5-Day Experience of Titetan Life

Enjoy the holy city of Lhasa in Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Barkhor Street and so on, in the meanwhile, have an opportunity to experience the Tibetanís life to see and learn how to make pulu, thangka , Tibetan joss stick, etc.

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Horse Race Festival Tour in Nakchu,Tibet

6-Day Horse Race Festival Tour in Nakchu,Tibet

Horse Race Festival is one of the important festival in Tibet. In this 6 day tour you will see the unique horse race in Tibetan style and the shows of horse riding skill. You will be taken into the special festival atmosphere and get unforgettable experience....

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Tibet Shoton Festival

5-Day Tibet Shoton Festival

Join in Tibetan people to celebrate the most important Festival-Shoton Festival to experience the colorful Tibetan life. This festival begins at Drepung Monastery to seeing Tangka, then shifts to Norbulinka for Tibetan opera...

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Tibetan New Year Experience

4-Day Tibetan New Year Experience

How do the Tibetans celebrate their New Year? Join-in us and we will take you to experience Tibetan New Year atmosphere and interesting activities with local Tibetan family.

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Other Popular China Culture Tours

China Kungfu Tour

11-Day China Kungfu Tour

Chinese Kung Fu is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture. It combines techniques of self-defense and health-keeping. Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most famous Chinese Kung Fu style in the world and attracts a lots of people to learn and practice it. This tour will make you know more about Shaolin Kung Fu and its people.

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Cultural Diversity Tour

20-Day Cultural Diversity Tour

China is a great country with various cultures. You will experience the culture difference in this 20 days tour. You will see the royal Forbidden city in Beijing, get close to the thousands life size Terracotta Warriors, meet the pilgrimages in Lhasa, get away in the ease Lijiang Ancient Town, enjoy the story of Ms. Liusanjie on the Li River in Guilin. Chinese culture will made you immerse yourself in the tour.

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Chinese Ancient Capitals Explore

14-Day Chinese Ancient Capitals Explore

The construction of Great wall, Temple of Heaven; the sculptures in Longmen Grottos; the martial art cradle - Shaolin Temple; the entomb Terracotta Warriors show you the brilliant Chinese ancient arts and civilization.

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World Heritage Explosion Tour in China

13-Day World Heritage Explosion Tour in China

Seeing how is the emperors lives at Forbidden City, revealing the mysterious veil of the entombed Terra-cotta Warriors, following the Marco Polo's Pace in Dunhuang, and enter into the fairy mountain- Huangshan. You will get close to some of the best world culture and scenery heritages during this odyssey.

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World Heritages & South West China Explore

16-Day World Heritages & South West China Explore

Stone Forest, Lijiang Ancient Town, Tiger Leaping Gorges, Leshan Grand Buddha, Terra-cotta Warriors, Forbidden City and the Great Wall are all the World Heritages Sites in China, this tour is a spiritual banquet.

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